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About Us

I have always loved hand bags - I think they have a way of adding elegance and class to the appearance. 

When I qualified as a GP (General Practitioner) I started thinking about what sort of Doctor bag I would like to have, I had a look around the internet and a few shops but was unable to find exactly what I wanted.

There were already some doctor hand bags in the market but they were either too small, very expensive  or not exactly practical. 

This need got me thinking and I started looking into starting a collection of doctor bags which would be elegant, affordable and practical. 

This is the story of Dokita. 

The name means doctor in my native language-Igbo- a language spoken by people from the South-East of Nigeria. 

I come from a family of doctors so it means more  than just what I do.  

The more I have thought and researched the more ideas I have explored , I am hoping to streamline these and create an excellent brand of beautiful functional bags.